Define, Learn, Do!

Objectives are vital for goal settings professionally and personally. The first step to a meaningful life is to clearly DEFINE your objective. You need to have a clear and precise purpose. You have to know what you want or what you don’t want. Sometimes we don’t know what we want but we know what we don’t want. Have it written down and express it publicly. By announcing your goals and dreams publicly, you are making a commitment to pursue what you want and have your loved ones hold you accountable. It’s a healthy pressure to put on yourself. It will force you to step outside your comfort zone to maximize your potential and increase your chances at accomplishing what you’re after.

Next step is to LEARN how to make your goals and dreams a reality. One way to do that is by finding a mentor. A mentor is someone who already has what you want. You learn from them about best approaches and get advice from them along the way. You don’t always need a live person to mentor you. There are plenty of books that you can read from authors and experts in your field of choice. By reading their books, listening to their educational audios, interviews and watching their videos you may learn from them. Learning doesn’t always come in the form of formal education. You can learn through self-education by reading the right books at your own pace or just signing up for a specific online class or get certified/licensed in a field. There are also some paths that you may choose where you will need a formal education and that it is required. Having a mentor will help guide you on which route you should take.

Lastly, just DO it! You have to apply what you’ve learned in order to produce results. Defining what you want and learning how to get it are great initial steps but you’re not going to accomplish anything by just defining and learning how to do it. You have to actually DO it and don’t wait until you think you know it all to start. If that’s the case, then you’ll never start because you’ll never know it all. Experience is the best teacher and don’t let initial failures discourage you. Execute as soon as possible and stay the course!