Love is the greatest emotion of all. One can be inspired to do great things out of love. At the same time, love can break someone and eventually lead to their demise.

It’s important to understand how strong love is. Use the people you love as inspiration and do what you love. Be careful to not fall to your demise as a result of a heartbreak. Always bounce back stronger than ever before. A heartbreak or losing someone you love may be devastating but you can’t let that be the end of you. Be strong enough to use the pain as fuel to elevate yourself to a whole new level and become better than ever.

Love is a blessing and can sometimes be a curse. Love wisely!

Dream Killers

Jealousy is a trait that exist in people. Friends, and family members can be jealous of you because of what you have and the position you’re in. Be mindful of that.

You can’t celebrate your victories with everyone. Some victories, you have to keep quiet. People will hate on you just because they’re not discipline and willing to do what’s necessary to succeed. You may have just accomplished something and you want to share it with the people you care about and are close to you but sometimes, those are the same people who will try to push you down with their negativity and jealousy. Sometimes the best thing to do is keep quiet and enjoy a silent victory.

When things aren’t going well in someone else’s life, they tend to hate on another person. Some of the most toxic people you will meet are those closest to you. They can be dream killers. You have to identify who those people are and be mindful of the information you share with them. You can continue to love them if they are family members but you have to set boundaries with them and not allow them to get in the way of your greatness.

Deeper Than The Surface

Never judge a book by its cover. We should not be too quick to judge others. We don’t know WHO a person really is based on appearance. We should take the time to get to know people before we form an opinion of them.

Those are sayings that we’ve all heard before. It takes a very noble person to not judge or jump into conclusions. No matter how great and awesome you think you are, everyone you come in contact with is superior than you in one thing. Humble yourself and give everyone a chance. The person that you think is not worth your time might teach you something valuable that could change your life if you’re open minded and receptive.

When I was in high school I gained self-confidence by realizing and accepting that everyone is dealing with their own struggle, some that you can see and some you cannot. Knowing that gave me strength and hope to move forward in spite of whatever I thought I was lacking. No one has it together 100%. We’re all lacking something in our eyes but we can succeed in spite of that. Each one of us is blessed differently and were designed to serve a unique purpose. Never allow yourself to become jealous of another person. Each of us has our own struggle that we have to prevail through. Being jealous of another person is not going to help your situation. Instead, find out how they were able to overcome and use their story as inspiration for you to keep on moving forward at your own personal journey.

To conclude, don’t be someone who easily look for faults in others. Any fool can do that, it takes somebody special to find greatness. Take the time to find the greatness in everyone and help them build on it. Everyone was created for a purpose, look deeper than the surface.