The Uncomfortable Zone

Most people are scared to live outside their comfort zone. They make decisions based on what’s familiar and safe. Anything great you want to accomplish is outside your comfort zone. That zone requires you to do something unusual. If it’s inside your comfort zone then you have the potential to do more and you need to increase your target.

You have to be willing to seek that uncomfortable moment. That moment when you need to make that very important phone call, go to that meeting, introducing yourself to that important person, have that difficult conversation, whatever it may be, you have to seek it. You can’t be afraid of the moment. You have to be prepared and ready to seize the opportunity when it comes. Be a person who comes through when the stakes are high. Be willing to work hard for what you want and don’t settle for a life of comfort and safety.

Unwillingness to be uncomfortable leads to a mediocre life. One who is pursuing greatness, have to be willing to sacrifice temporary comfort and embrace delayed gratification. Those are prerequisites to great accomplishments. Get out your comfort zone, strive for greatness, and make God proud by being all He created you to be.