Be Someone

The picture above is a popular landmark in Houston, TX. It resonates with me because ever since I was a child, I’ve always strived to be someone. My parents instilled in me at a very young age to become a person of value and not settle for average. I think everyone should strive for that and it’s unethical if they don’t put in the effort to make their lives better by making themselves better.

How can we be a good example to our kids and people who look up to us if we’re not striving to be a person of value?

We have to be humble and not walk around like we’re better than everybody but don’t use humility as an excuse to be mediocre. By making yourself valuable, you gain confidence in yourself. Someone might be better than you at something but you’re better in at least one other thing than that person. There’s no need to be jealous of others just because they are blessed differently than you are. We’re all equipped with different gifts and areas of strengths.

Make yourself valuable by feeding your mind. Your mind is your #1 asset, you should always invest in your mind. As you change your way of thinking, so will your life. God did not create anyone to be a nobody. Some people let life happened to them and never get back up after falling down. Don’t let that be you.

Investing in your mind doesn’t always mean going to college. College is very expensive and you don’t always get a return on your investment. Depends on your career choice or calling, college may or may not be the right option. Through personal development, you will find your identity and discover your passion. By investing in your personal development, it may help you find work that will help you fulfill your destiny instead of living to work for a biweekly paycheck.

We were born to do something great and be great. Never surrender to the obstacles in life. Let’s be audacious enough to jump every hurdle and become what we were destined to be. Be someone and give all the glory to God.