3 Months Ahead

One should not just flow through life without goals. If you’re in existence, it is your duty to seek achievements. You do so by setting goals.

One advantage that I’ve had in life is that I always start my “New Year Resolutions” on October 1st. While most people wait for January 1st, I started 3 whole months before them. By doing so, I’m already ahead of the competition and can kick into a second gear while everyone else is just getting started. My personal fiscal year ends on September 30th and my new year starts on October 1st.

Another reason why I set my personal fiscal year to start on October 1st is because it’s my mother’s birthday. I celebrate her by being all that I can be and I know that’s what she wants for me everyday. It’s amazing having a mother like her who simply wants all the best for her son and made sacrifices to make sure I had opportunities to succeed in whatever I wanted growing up.

Sometimes, we are willing to do for others what we’re not willing do to for ourselves. Sometimes, you might be okay with letting yourself down but when there’s someone else that you don’t want to let down, you can always find that inner strength to persist and overcome. Identify who that person is in your life. Find your reason why and the actions you have to take to get to your desired results won’t matter.