Most people would rather live in misery by playing it safe than to face uncertainty. Playing it safe will lead you to living an insignificant life. To reach greatness, you have to risk failure and face uncertainty.

My mother moved us to the U.S. back in the early 2000’s. She left the certainty of her job to move to the U.S. in hope of a better future. Living in Haiti, we were considered upper-class and when we moved to the U.S., we were at the very bottom. Most of the time, when you embrace uncertainty and you have work-ethic and grit, you will overcome whatever comes your way to ultimately reach your desired destination.

In life, you have to continually ask yourself if the path you are currently on is the one you really want or is it just the safe choice. Ask yourself that for your career and your relationships. Don’t let your wings be cut off by settling for certainty. Take risks, have faith, and work hard until you breakthrough!